“In the end as you fade into the light, who will tell the story of your life”

Have you ever sat and thought about what you have to contribute to the world?

Most of us cruise through this life achieving goals, acquiring education, landing that awesome career, maybe if we are lucky enough: finding that someone to share our journey and for some, produce a human to make more of the world than we thought ourselves possible to. But where does our dreaming stop and real life with boring responsibility begin as we travel through? And why is it alright to let go of your outlandish goals to just pursue what is set forth as our purpose in society?

I don’t think its OK. I have always wanted more and have decided to be that example for my special someone and tiny human. I am not OK with the end game expectation of following what every other person is settling for in everyday life.

We are submerged in a society who elevates those with more than most. We put these people on a pedestal and even call them lucky.  Let’s talk about luck (my husband will love this).  Luck is neither adjective nor adverb, but a verb.  An action word.  No celebrity, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, or Shaquille O’Neal got their millions by playing McDonald’s Monopoly or happening upon a winning scratch off ticket.  Sure there are those people but who knows their names? They are the quote un-quote lucky ones and who cares enough about luck to remember these people’s names.  So luck is out of my vocabulary.

You create your future.  Quite literally.  And I refuse to be a forgettable name that found… gag… luck.

Through my ranting and rambling I intend to explore myself and truly find that aspect that makes me special because I truly believe that I am.  I make idiot decisions sometimes and have a few personal flaws.  But all of this is manageable and can even spur more inspiration because of the “struggle”.  Right? All good stories start with a struggle.  I am excited for the ride. The shitty times, the golden sparkly ones and the “Oh My God” teary ones.  You should be to.


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